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Iceni Academy

Combining the best results in West Norfolk with a genuine focus on developing character and culture in our young people 

Welcome to Iceni Academy (Methwold)

Iceni Academy (Methwold) is a secondary Academy in the heart of West Norfolk.  We have some of the best exam results in West Norfolk but focus on the development of the whole child.


In this section you can find all of the latest news about Iceni Academy and what our students have been up to.

Download a prospectus

Most of our students join us in Year 7 but we do occasionally have space in other year groups.  Download our prospectus here.


All of our key dates are available in this section.  Please note that occasionally dates do have to change.  Changes will be reflected here.

Iceni Academy Government 2020

Some of our partners

The Iceni Entitlement

All staff at Iceni Academy work hard to ensure that Iceni students leave the academy well qualified but also well-rounded as individuals.

In return the expectation is that all students make a positive contribution to Iceni Academy and play a role in enhancing and improving it for others.

We are proud of our students and encourage them to continue to play a vital role at Iceni Academy when they leave by joining The Old Icenian’s Association.

Currency ↑ Culture ↑ Character ↑ 


We have highly-motivated students, high quality teaching and supportive parents so exam results (currency) are very good.  However, there is always scope to further improve and we are constantly reviewing what we do.


Our students are at the very centre of what we do at Iceni Academy and we expect students to be understanding, caring, kind, respectful and tolerant of others in the Academy.  We support our students in engaging with democracy and to appreciate the rule of law.


We encourage students to grasp all of the opportunities to develop skills outside the classroom with a particular focus on; leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication. We want our students to leave us well-qualified and well-rounded as individuals.

“My child is flourishing in the new environment – he is being pushed where needed, rewarded and given positive feedback.  We actually get a conversation about the school day from him rather than the one word response we always used to get”

Comment from parent of Year 7 student

Come and Join us

If you would like to join Iceni Academy or learn more about our work please get in touch to book a tour with the Principal

Best Results in West Norfolk

For 4 out of the last 5 years our Year 11 students have achieved the best results in the whole of West Norfolk in their GCSE exams.

More than exams

Exam results are important at Iceni Academy but so is the education of the whole child so that they grow up rounded and ready for life.

Home/School partnership

We believe that students get the best out of their time at school when there is a strong relationship between home and school.

A celebration of The Arts

We are passionate about Art, Drama and Music and that students get the chance to develop performance skills.

We have various productions throughout the year and plan to develop this further in the future.

In addition to this we also have a range of peripatetic music teachers visiting delivering tuition on a range of instruments. 

We encourage students to talk to their Creative Arts teachers about how they can be fulfil their artistic potential.  

A small investment of a students’ time in The Arts usually results in excellent progress across a range of subjects.

Excellent Design Technology Facilities

Our Design Technology Faculty is one of the most successful in Norfolk.  

We believe that for some students the acquisition of practical skills is crucial and has benefit across a range of other subjects.

We have a fully equipped graphics studio and are able to offer a combination of traditional drawing skills backed up by various computer packages.

Our resistant materials facilities are also excellent.  Highly experienced teaching is enhanced by a range of equipment including 3D printing facilities.

Food Technology is also a popular subject and we have specialist tuition and well-equipped learning spaces to support this.