Iceni Academy

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Welcome to our new website

Our vision for Iceni Academy is to create a personalised learning environment where students can achieve excellent exam results while still getting in-depth character and cultural experiences. We recognise the role which we play in our community in ensuring that our students are not only well qualified but also well rounded young people.

This is an exciting time for Iceni Academy as we celebrate the best results in West Norfolk for the third year running. Results are important but we also want our students to have experiences that allow them to develop other key skills such as leadership and teamwork. I am very fortunate to work with a team of highly motivated and professional staff who, like me, want the best for your son or daughter.

I would encourage you to visit our Academy during a typical working day (or to attend one of our open evenings) to see for yourself what we are working to achieve. We want the best for all of our students and to ensure that they are ready for their continued education when they leave us and well equiped to play their role in the community.

Please do visit, you can book in via the main office, I very much look forward to meeting and working with you to develop your child’s potential.

Stephen Plume


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