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Duke of Edinburgh Success for Iceni Academy students

Students from Iceni Academy in Methwold are celebrating Duke of Edinburgh success after battling the elements during their final bronze expedition in Norfolk this weekend.

Having only recently received licensing from the Duke of Edinburgh 12 students quickly signed up to be part of the first cohort at Iceni Academy since before 2013.  This weekend the students trekked from Northrepps to Sheringham to demonstrate their skills to the Duke of Edinburgh assessors.

Undeterred by the rain and wind, and carrying all of their kit on their backs, the students walked nearly 20 miles to their destination with some students arriving at their base camp as late as 8:45pm.

The Duke of Edinburgh assessors were impressed and every single student in the group made the grade necessary to pass.  “The students were excellent” said Laura Tinklin, the group leader.  “My colleague Mark Goodall and I were particularly impressed with the tenacity of the students who, despite the weather, pressed on to the end.  The assessors were very complimentary”.

The Duke of Edinburgh bronze award is open to anyone between the ages of 14 and 24 and includes volunteering, physical activity, developing skills and an expedition.  Young people achieve the award if they show persistence, commitment and personal development over a period of time.

“I am delighted for the students in this first initial group” said Academy Principal Stephen Plume.  “Although we are very proud of our academic achievement at Iceni Academy we really are concerned about so much more than just exams.  The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is a fantastic way of our students getting recognition of just how incredible they are and the depth of their characters.  To hear of their success is very encouraging and I look forward to following their progress, and that of future cohorts, as they work towards silver and gold”.

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