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Exam Results

Achievements and Results

At Iceni Academy we’re proud of the success of our pupils. We believe that we create a climate in which all pupils can achieve, and we provide the motivation for continuing the drive for better and higher standards.

Important note – Progress 8 (P8) measures the progress students make across eight different subjects (in three “buckets”).

As a fully inclusive school all of our students are included in the data below and none of our students are made to take certain options to “fill buckets”.  This means our progress 8 score might be lower than we would like but it means our students get to study subjects they enjoy and can succeed in.

Summary of examination results

Key Stage 4 results overview:

Please note results marked with “(provisional)” are increasing as exam papers are reviewed.  We will update this page as these papers are reviewed and returned to us.  We anticipate that this will be by the end of October 2019.

 2017 (Nat)2018 (Nat)2019 (Nat)
Progress 8 (see note above)-0.04 (-0.03)-0.44 (first entry)
-0.17 (best entry)
-0.42 (provisional, first entry)
-0.29 (provisional, best entry)
Average attainment 844 (44)39 (first entry)
41 (best entry)
38 (provisional, first entry)
40 (provisional, best entry)
English and maths GCSE 9-465%61%56% (provisional)
English GCSE 9-477%70%65% (provisional)
English GCSE 9-558%56%47% (provisional)
Maths GCSE 9-470%72%65% (provisional)
Maths GCSE 9-554%43%46% (provisional)
EBacc attainment3% (20%)9%15% (provisional)
EBacc entry9%23%20%

More information on the performance of individual subjects will be available on the subject pages.

Figures in brackets reflect national averages where available