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Games / PE at Iceni Academy

James Spurgeon - Director of Physical Education and Community Engagement

Welcome to Iceni Academy and the PE section of our website.

We have teams in a whole range of sports and encourage all students to participate.  You don’t have to be a star performer (although we like those too) but you have to be committed and determined.

At Iceni Academy we believe the lessons you learn from Games / PE go way beyond the lesson itself.  Team work is crucial whatever career you pick, sometimes you will have to be part of a team and sometimes you will have to lead it.  

We want our students to learn humility in success and also to learn lessons when things (occasionally) don’t go to plan on the field.

I am fortunate to be supported by an excellent team of enthusiastic and well qualified teachers.  I hope that when you visit Iceni Academy you will introduce yourself and tell us about your favourite sports.