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Next generation of politicians making impact at Norfolk school

Pupils at Iceni Academy in Methwold took part in an election to vote in their own prime minister and deputy prime minister who are already having an impact on life at the school.

Jamie Vowles and Ana Robertson were elected as prime minister and deputy prime minister respectively, and have represented the academy at various events including doing readings at the centenary remembrance celebrations in Methwold as well as meeting important visitors to the academy.

Other pupils from the student leadership team have also been appointed to roles such as secretary of state for education and each pupil appointed play a role around the school.

The teenagers were also praised by Debbie Clinton, chief executive of the academy’s trust, the Academy Transformation Trust who spoke very highly of the student politician’s enthusiasm and plans to improve the school.

Iceni Academy prime minister, Jamie Vowles, said: “I am thrilled and honoured to be the first student elected to the post of prime minister at Iceni Academy and I have lots of ideas I am already implementing to continue to improve this school.”

Deputy prime minister Ana Robertson said: “Finding out I had been elected to be deputy prime minister was amazing, all of the other candidates were fantastic.

“I am looking forward to working with the rest of the student leadership team this year to improve the academy.”

Stephen Plume, principal at the school, added: “Our students are getting great qualifications. We are see our role as much more than just exam grades.

“We want our students to have the chance to engage in democracy in the future and so we take every opportunity to support them with this.”

He added: “Jamie and Ana, along with the rest of the student leadership team, have made an impressive start to the year so far and I am enjoying working with them”.

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