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Open evening will celebrate 60th anniversary for Iceni Academy in Methwold

Students and teachers at Iceni Academy in Methwold are already working planning their biggest open evening yet.

This year the event coincides with the 60th year since the school officially opened.

“We are very proud of our history” said Stephen Plume, principal. “We are celebrating the 4th year of our students achieving the best results in West Norfolk.

“It is also this year when we will see over £350,000 worth of building work taking place to improve the facilities for our students and community”.

Iceni Academy, formerly Methwold High School, was opened by Lieut Col Sir Bartle Edwards in April 1958.

The opening of the swimming pool at the school, a few years later, included the traditional ceremony of the senior students throwing the headmaster in to the pool.

This year’s open evening, on September 26 (6pm), promises to be the biggest yet with activities and open classrooms all over the site. In the weeks after this there will be dates for parents and children to visit and tour the academy during normal school days.

A growing network of alumni at Iceni Academy, which is sponsored by Birmingham based trust ATT, is supporting the young people at the academy and all ex-students are invited to sign up.

There will be a special open day, during this anniversary year, for ex-students to visit and tour the school.

“Our community and ex-students are one of the essential ingredients in the next stage of our journey” said Mr Plume.

“This is their school too and we are keen to work with them on many different projects including adult education courses next summer. Alumni can sign up on our website ( and get involved.”

Student voice is high on the agenda at Iceni Academy which prides itself on developing the whole child.

The first task for the new student leaders is to come up with ideas for the new, smarter, uniform which will be announced later in the year.

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