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Special Educational Needs

At Iceni Academy we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to access the most appropriate education that we can provide, thereby maximising their academic and social potential.

The Iceni Academy  Intervention Team are experienced and approachable, providing dynamic and flexible support for students of all ages and difficulties throughout the Academy. Key stage leaders  are mentors for their students and maintain a focused overview of their students progress. If a student is identified as not fulfilling their potential this will be raised with the classroom teacher and Faculty lead so that tailored in-curriculum intervention programmes and targeted support within the classroom can be put in place.

The Intervention Team support teaching staff by having a sound knowledge and understanding of SEND issues and of the individual needs of the students they support. Through transition and collaboration with external agencies the Team identify and share strategies to ensure all SEND students can access the curriculum and site.

What is ‘Special Educational Needs and Disability’?

A Special Educational Need and Disability (SEND) is a difficulty or barrier that affects a child’s ability to learn and to access the curriculum.  It may be appropriate for a pupil with SEN to access provision which is ‘additional to, or otherwise different from’ the educational provision made generally for pupils of their age.

A Disability is a long-term health condition which causes a difficulty or barrier to learn or to access the curriculum.

SEN is identified under the following categories:

  • SEN Support

Pupils with less complex needs but who still require support will be identified by a single category, known as SEN Support. The focus for this will be on what your child has achieved as a result of the personalised intervention provided.

  • Statements and Education Health Care Plans

Statements of Special Educational Needs are being replaced with a single Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) for children and young people with complex needs.

Who do I speak to if I think my child has Special Educational Needs and/or Disability?

If you have any SEN concerns regarding your child, our Academy has a designated Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCo), Miss S Turner, who can be contacted on 01366 728333 or Alternatively you can contact Mrs S Walker, the Intervention manager, on the same number.

What support is available for my child?

If a pupil has been identified as having a barrier to their learning, additional support will be provided to give them the opportunity to make progress.

The in school support that is available will vary dependent on your child’s needs.  This may include;

  • a personalised approach to the delivery of the in class information,
  • differentiated tasks
  • a specific intervention package which is delivered outside of the regular timetabled lesson,
  • access to Information Technology,
  • a designated mentor

You can also provide support at home by listening to your child read everyday, your child’s English teacher will be able to provide you with guidance on which books they should be reading, as well as giving them the opportunity to write on a regular basis.

For further details about the provision that is made at Iceni Academy please feel free to look at our SEN Information report. This report will also provide information about the SSEND provision that is made by the Norfolk Local Authority.

Click here to view the report.

Below are a range of websites that may provide you with addiutional information about certain aspects of SEND.

  • The National Autistic Society

Guidance and information on autism.

  • RNIB

Supporting people with sight loss.

  • ADHD Foundation

Information for parents/carers on ADHD.

  • Dyspraxia Foundation

Support, information and guidance for parents/cares on Dyspraxia.

  • Dyslexia Foundation

Support with dyslexia for parents/carers.

  • Irlens syndrome

Support with Irlens syndrome, including a list of designated Irlens specialist centres.

Our current SEND Policy and SEN information report is available on the policies page.

Norfolk’s Local Offer can be found at