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Up for Debate!

For the first time in our Academy’s history, our students will be taking part in a national debating competition. Nell Chaplin, Daryl Dixon, Emma Lister, Tion Middleton, Asha Soanes, Daisy Sutton and Phoebe Sutton have all signed up and have been training hard on Wednesday afternoons to take on rival schools at the regional heat which is being held at Harrow School on Monday 26th March.

The students have prepared two debates in advance: ‘This house would tax junk food’ and ‘This house would return cultural treasures to their countries of origin.’ The students have developed some fantastic arguments for these debates and have had to think carefully in order to apply all of the different skills on which they will be marked. Even harder perhaps, is that on the day they will also be presented with a debate topic they won’t have seen before, and will be given just 20 minutes to prepare for it!

Good luck – we will report back on their success soon

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